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Rough Draft

Useful Resources for Creating Digital Stories

Digital StoryTelling Tools

Rationale for using TF reviewed tools
  • They are paying for it
  • The tools are free
  • Readers can look at the classroom use for ideas
  • We can use newer reviewed tools that Kathy Shrock and others don’t have yet

FINAL product

All Grades & Ages:

Classroom Authors - use four easy steps to publish an e-book or a printed book: writing, editing, proofing, and publishing.

K-3 Talking Cards -(Not sure if enough is free yet) 16394

Postcard FM - Send audio postcards to friends and family with Postcard FM. Choose a photo and MP3

All of the following are 4-12

Trading Cards - create a photo trading card, create real or fictional Trading Cards about people, places, events, objects, or abstract concepts

Middle & High school

Thematic - Create a story using your own pictures, up to twenty photos. You are allowed 50 characters for the title and 240 characters for the description.

Maptia - stories told through photographs, categorized by places, themes, and storytellers, includes a short synopsis along with the location featured and an estimate of time to read the story. One can use a lot more text with this tool. There are many tools that have text with an image, but text is usually limited to 240 characters or less. This one is not.

Mapwing -Turn digital photos into virtual tours with interactive maps, images, and comments, Basic tours offer up to 20 points of entry per floor plan/map. Each area becomes interactive and includes a comment option. Add hotspots to images to view close-up areas or link to websites

Heganoo - Create interactive, mobile-friendly story "maps" that include videos, links, forms, images, and even text.

Powtoon - an animation tool. Create an animated video including music and voice over. Use their templates. To learn how to add voice over to the music see:

Movenote - iPad/iPhone & Android Apps free plus any computer/laptop - Create an integrated video presentation. Movenote will work with nearly any format (doc, PDF, images, and even video). Uploading your documents or video creates the slides, and you can start recording.

Roxio Photoshow - use images, video, text and music.

PodOmatic -

Bookemon - has iPad/iPhone & Android Apps free or can use on any laptop/computer

Sound Recording Programs



Audio Expert - free and simple online audio editor, file converter, and sound recorder - Students could illustrate a short story they wrote, using the audio to record the story as the
illustrations slide past.

  • a simple publishing tool (also good for collaboration)

Creating online books or eBooks

Interactive/Multimedia writing;


Penflip - Collaborative Writing and Version Control (Now says Write Better With Others…just use PENFLIP as the title) teacher and peer revision

Writing Reviser – more teacher directed than Penflip. Teacher/student editing and revising

How to Websites:

*Me and My Movie

-Kids can create movies and do interactive activities to help design a set, create characters, and more. This website teaches students about the process of making movies.

*Creating Digital Video Projects with Bare Bones Equipment

-Provides useful tips in making student movies when you have very little technical resources

*Lightning Bug- Write A Story from Beginning to End

-Kids do various activities to learn about the writing process.

*Digital Directors Guild

- Information to help educators effectively integrate digital movie making into the curriculum.

*Open Thinking Wiki by Alec Couros

-Lists several resources for finding creative commons materials, how to websites, and more!

*How to Make a Talking Story Book

*How to Make a Little Reader Starring the Student by Jason Renshaw

- English Raven shows you how to make a digital story starring the children's favorite places and activities using free screen capture software!

*17 Stop Motion Video Examples and Resources by Shelly Terrell

*Free Digital Storytelling How to E-book by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

*Digital Storytelling Tool Reviews by David Kapular

external image t.gif

you can create your slide shows with different skins, animations and transitions. You can also create guestbooks for your sites. It allows embedding.

external image t.gif

lets you upload your powerpoint presentations and share it with others. You can add podcast to your ppts as well. You can embed it. It’s also a great site for improving yourself. There are good ppts ready for you to learn and get inspired.

external image t.gif

is another site that lets you create slide shows with different animations, skins, transitions. You can add music, create a guestbook and embed it.

external image t.gif

It’s the best way to create your digital cartoon and tell a story with it. I’m sure you and your students can create wonderful cartoons.

external image t.gif

is another site I’m a fan with its applications.

  • external image t.gif- you create online books using Flickr pictures. you can decide on the number of the pages and embed it or send the link to others.
  • external image t.gif- you write anything you want and it finds images that match with each of your word. You can send the links to others. Great way to wish a birthday!!
  • external image t.gif- create your comic strip with Flickr pictures and add bubbles to tell your story!


Create your beautiful slide shows and share them with the world.

external image t.gif

lets you create your videos less than a minute. You just add your photos, choose music and add your text. Animoto does the rest.

external image t.gif

allows you to make animations and to animate the pictures.

external image t.gif

is a site where you can create your speaking avatar. You can record your voice, or you can use text to speech.

external image t.gif

allows you to place yourself inside an interactive video greeting card that you can send to others.

external image t.gif

It’s a tool for writing subtitles for Bollywood films. You can also record your voice or use text to speech application. There is alsoexternal image t.gif where you can edit different scenes from Bollywood films together and add subtitles to them. external image t.gif allows to put them different scenes together and add music+effects to it. Also, you can have a look at external image t.gif where you can add subtitles to football matches, you can record your voice as well.

external image t.gifyou can create animations and backgrounds.

BigHugeLabs You can easily create a slide show from images anywhere on the web.

external image t.gif is an engaging website. You can read book online or you can create your own and publish it.

external image t.gif lets you add bubbles to your pictures and create slide show.

external image t.gif is a way to combine your videos,photos, blogs and mp3s into a multimedia storyline.

external image t.gif lets you mix artwork and create comics from a fun collection of comic backgrounds, characters and photos of yours .

external image t.gif is a shareable web based text that shows you every edit and let you go back anytime. It’s a great tool for collaborative storytelling.

With external image t.gif, you can keep record of the events of your past and present. You can add videos and pictures. It’s a great timeline and a online journal!

external image t.gif is a website that lets you create your own film for free. You choose your background scene, characters, animated actions, dialogue, introduction and ending credits.

external image t.gif let you convert your feeds and bookmarks and present them as live web pages in an interactive slide show. It’s a great way to create and share unique presentations based on web content and user annotations.

external image t.gif is an online timeline that you can add videos and pictures.

external image t.gif is a great way to create your own stories and share them with others. You can create your own story from scratch or you can use other animated stories to create yours.

external image t.gif is a media presentation tool. You can add pictures, videos, audios, music and share it with the world.

external image t.gif lets you edit your movies online.

external image t.gif allows you to create your collaborative photo books and albums.

external image t.gif allows you to customize your on-screen virtual appearance in real time using avatar technology. In short, it’s a web cam technology that lets you animate yourself.

With external image t.gif, choose your settings, characters. If you like, you can even customize your character with your face. You drag the character and decide on its move and create your animated film. You can also have a look at external image t.gif where you can play with magnetic words upon a fridge.

external image t.gif is a site where you can create your own animations. You don’t need to have a drawing skill or know about Flash.

With external image t.gif, you can create a sharable interactive timeline of the significant events in your life.

external image t.gif lets you create your web-based timeline software to create and share history and project plans.

external image t.gif lets you share and archive photos and videos. You can create your own albums with your photos,videos and add your text.

You can create your timeline with external image t.gif, you can add photos,videos and write your text.

external image t.gif allows you to create your own online story.

Withexternal image t.gif, you can create scrapbooks and e-cards with using your pictures,videos, words and music to share it with the world.

You can create easy slide shows on external image t.gif and tell your story over photos.

You can decorate you pictures, add bubbles, create clips and photo galleries on PhotoShop.

external image t.gif is an online platform where you can write your story, illustrate it and publish your original story with others.

external image t.gif is the horizontal photo slide show for Flickr and external image t.gif is a tool for presenting Flickr photos.

external image t.gif lets you share your photos with your narrated voice.

With external image t.gif, you can upload and add speech bubbles to your photos.

You can create comic scripts with external image t.gif.

external image t.gif can make you a director in minutes. You choose your character, scene, background, title, music and you only add what you want your characters to say. This is one of my favourite off all.

With external image t.gif, you can use text organizers to assist your students with the writing process.

external image t.gif is a similar to prorperous. You can publish your texts without needing a blog or a website. You write your text and Write4Net publishes it using your Twitter account. It’s interesting though I’m not sure if we can consider this blog under digital storytelling tools.

Withexternal image t.gif, you can create great timeles for biographies,resource, history or current issuses.

external image t.gif is a tool to creare online and interactive posters. You can add pictures, videos, texts or podcasts to your glog page. external image t.gif is a similar tool like Glogster. You can create your own page with podcasts, pictures,videos, effects and texts.

external image t.gif allows you to add voice to your photos and create your own presentations.

external image t.gif lets you create your unique stiroes with your own messages. Drag and drop animations and use text-to movie application.

external image t.gif is another site to create timelines and share them on the web with others.

With external image t.gif, you can create your own super comic hero and tell your story with him.

external image t.gif and external image t.gif are other sites where you can create your own comic.

external image t.gif is a site where you can create original artwork, animated movies, stories, greeting cards and more.

You can create own photo scripts by chhosing your layout, uploading your pictures, adding bubbles with texts and effects on external image t.gif.

external image t.gif lets you make a photo talk with your own voice.

external image t.gif is another comic strip creator and you can create in multiple languages.

external image t.gif has become my favourite presentation tool from now on. It has a very unique interface to present your topic. It’s zooming sketches on a digital page.

external image t.gif is similar to Prezi. You share any media on your own zooming web spaces.

external image t.gif is a site where you can tell your stories on a map.

You can create multimedia presentations, movies and podcasts with external image t.gif.

external image t.gif is a great way to collborate and an online notice board maker though you can use it for so many other purposes.

external image t.gif is a great and a fun way to display your live debates. We can use it to review a book or a story we’ve read. I loved it!

external image t.gif is a minimalistic storytelling. It gşves you a word and you have to write about it in sixty seconds.

external image t.gif is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you.

external image t.gif is a site where you can upload your drawings and record your voice for each picture to create your story.

external image t.gif lets you record our voice and send it to other via email or you can get the embed code and put it on your website.

external image t.gif let you make your pictures talk. You can add emotions and you can use text-to-speech form.

external image t.gif is a collaborative storytelling tool. Two or more people create their stories by writing the text and adding pictures. You can share it with others.

You can create your own comic on external image t.gif by adding text, pictures, videos and audio.

external image t.gif lets you create your own comics by using your drawing, photos and ready to use artwork. You can publish it and share with others.

external image t.gif is a site where you can mix, create and blend your videos, photos and music into rich personal expressions.

external image t.gif is a social storytelling platform that lets you create, share and discover

Audio-Recording Software

AudacityFree Downloads (MAC and WIN)
• Audacity Exit Skills (MAC and WIN)
Audacity Exit Skills.pdf
Audacity Exit Skills.pdf

Audacity Exit Skills.pdf


  • Audacity Downloads Free
  • Aviary Online (PC / MAC)
  • LiveQuartz Online FREE 1.9 (MAC)
  • SplashUP Online FREE (PC/MAC)
  • PhotoShop Elements (PC/MAC) Purchase or Licensed
  • Pixie (PC/MAC) Elementary - Purchase or Licensed
  • Pixlr (OnLine) - FAB FREE highly functioned w/ layers too!
  • Morfo APP - transform still images to become 3D animated dialogues
  • Befunky Online - cartoonizing images
  • Superlame Online - adding comic speech bubbles to photos
  • Wordle - word clouds
  • Tagul Online - wordle-like but with shapes
  • MorphThing Online- merges two photos
  • GoAnimate4Schools - lessons, tools and sharing libraries
  • Vovox
  • Tagul
  • PhotoMosaics
  • Gizmodo ~ (ipad apps) - blurring pixels in images
  • MorphX - (MAC) - morphing software
  • Easy Morph (PC) - morphing software
  • Aviary (Online)
  • JamStudio (Online)
  • GarageBand (MAC) Free
  • Public Domain Images Public domain pictures, royalty free stock photos. Copyright free images for any personal or commercial use.
  • SoundzAbound - Royalty free music accessed online from anywhere
  • JumpBacks - Royalty free video clips from Digital Juice
  • GoAnimate2
  • PowToons
  • MovieStorm - 3D MovieMaking - Free Trail Downloads (MAC and PC)
  • CuteCut APP - [Free at this time]
  • iMovie '11 (MAC) [Free]
  • Final Cut Elements / PRO (MAC) Purchase or License
  • Movie Maker (PC) Free but limited functions
  • VideoStudio Pro X14 (PC) Purchase or License [THE bestest MOST Bernajean FAV for PC users!!]
  • JumpCut Online Editing
  • Jaycut Online Editing
  • EyeSpot Online Editing
  • Cuts Online Editing
  • Motionbox Online Editing
  • YouTube Remixer Online Editing
  • RiffTrax Online Editing
  • A review of 30 video-editing programs - some free and downloadable in the list!

Image - Editing

Image Creativity

Music / Audio Generators

Royalty Free Media


Xtra Normal


WonderShare [iMovie-ish video-editing for PC

WeVideo [Free - Online with limited production time without subscription]

Comic-Making including Comic Videos


Learning Process Tools

Collaborating - Communicating - Reflecting, and Creating together (synchronously - real time - AND .... asynchronously)

  • (group workspace)
  • Everloop - student-based sharing community
  • VenueGen ~ 3D Virtual Meetings
  • Skype (real time video / document sharing)
  • ooVoo (video chat)
  • GoToMeeting (real time desktop sharing)
  • Elluminate (real-time conferencing - fee charged)
  • Edmodo - social networking environment for classrooms (real time and asynchronously)
  • Diipo - social networking environment for classrooms (real time and asynchronously)
  • DropItTo.Me ~ great tool for students (anyone) to turn in assignments into YOUR dropbox
  • GroupTweet (private groups using Twitter)
  • HootMe ~ (a facebook like study tool organizing students to share what they are working on - learning "owl" wise)
  • iEtherpad (real time and asynchronously)
  • Google Docs
  • Padlet (real time brainstorming)
  • (real time)
  • Twiddla - meeting playground (real-time)
  • WetPaint - meeting playground (real-time)
  • Second Life (real time avatar meetings - no fee)

Sharing - sharing resources and experiences

  • EverNote - (note taking from articles - web-captured text - voice memos - images - public sharing option)
  • DropBox ~ sharing files with other devices w/ public folder option
  • Diigo webslides ~ (turn specific social bookmarks into visual slide shows of web pages marked for public sharing)
  • JogtheWeb ~ shares websites visually with others
  • Skitch - notations for websites - collaborative markings with groups
  • Doodle (polling groups to determine best times for scheduling meetings)


Reflection / Feedback

  • Blogging (individual and/or group feedback/reflection)
  • Kidblog ~ (created for students and classrooms)
  • (voice feedback/reflection)
  • (post-it feedback/reflection)
  • CorkBoard (brainstorming with sticky notes)
  • Edmodo (social networking environment as group workspace)
  • Diipo - (social networking environment as group workspace)
  • Wiffiti (live reflection/feedback on public walls)
  • TodaysMeet (closed micro-blogging)

Meaning-making Tools


  • Mindmapping (generic brainstorming strategy - many tools available for this process))
  • CorkBoard (brainstorming with sticky notes)
  • Edistorm (brainstorming with stickynotes)
  • Lino-it ~ (organizes sticky notes for text, images and video - either private or public sharing)
  • Padlet (NEWLY updated - real-time collaborative post-it note ideas/comments)
  • Cacoo (real-time collaborative mindmapping - need to register)
  • Project2Manage (project communication and management)
  • Research Project Calculator (MN's navigating and tracking the research process)
  • WhenInTime (build and share interactive visual and accountable time line planning)

Research / Investigation

  • (credible/reliable searches)
  • BibMe (citation organizer)
  • (collaborative public social bookmarking)
  • (public file sharing)
  • Symbaloo (collaborative social bookmarking - visual organization of websites)
  • LiveBinders ~ (AASL's Top 25 WebTools - Collect virtual binders of multimedia info)
  • EverNote (note taking and sharing - hosted in clouds to sync with devices IF personal computer)
  • Compfight (visual search engine for flickr images)
  • NewsMap (visual patterns - relationships - of news feeds)
  • InstaGrok (visual search engine)
  • EyeExplorer (visual search engine)
  • WonderWheel (visual search engine)
  • Search-Cube (visual search engine)
  • (visual search engine for kids)
  • SurveyMonkey (gathering data from others with up to ten questions before paying)
  • DotVoting (gathering data from others)
  • Flisti (online polling)
  • Polleverywhere ~ (easy, fast using one question at a time)


  • Word processing (writing is discovery - writing is learning)
  • Google docs (group accounts needed)
  • Zoho Writer (online writing tool w/ collaboration features)
  • Wordle (finding patterns with text)
  • Tagxedo (finding patterns with text / choosing shapes of patterns)
  • iEtherpad (online writing tool w/ real-time collaboration - 15 limit)
  • MixedInk ~ (free collaborative writing software - no group limit)
  • VisuWords (online visual dictionary / thesaurus)
  • Synonyms (online dictionary for synonyms / antonyms / definitions
  • Editgrid (online spreadsheet)
  • (interactive charts)
  • NumberQuotes (gives scale to numbers using comparisons)
  • Tiki-Tonki ~ (web-based interactive timelines w/ photos, video and text)

Media-making Tools

Media Editing / Construction

  • Audacity (BEST audio-editing) - download MAC and PC
  • Aviary (online music-editing and audio-editing)
  • Vocaroo (online tool to make and send voice recordings)
  • LiveQuartz (online image-editing for MAC)
  • Pixen (image-editing for MAC)
  • Picnik (online image-editing)
  • Age-Me (online morphing of faces into winkles :)
  • Blabberize ~ add animated talking to still images (image-editing)
  • MorphThing ~ watch as a visual merge of one image becomes another (image-editing)
  • Befunky ~ turn photos into comic style (image-editing)
  • Jing (screen capturing)
  • Screenr (screen capturing)
  • IShowU (screen capturing
  • AwesomeCapture ~ capture, annotate and share
  • Machinima - What is IT?
  • File Management and Formatting
  • o Zamzar - converts any file type to another format - links emailed
  • o - shortens long URL links to less characters
  • o - shortens multiple URL links (batches) into single URL
  • o TubeChop - trims online video to just the clip wanted rather than all or nothing files - meets the educator rights test
  • o MediaConverter - convert file formats from computer and online
  • o DropBox - send and receive large files - cloud storage from any device

Final Product Construction - Mixing IT Together (sometimes publishing too)

  • iMovie (MAC - Free)
  • Final Cut Express ~ commercial (MAC)
  • VideoStudio PRO X4 (FAB commercial video-editing software for PC)
  • MovieMaker (PC Free)
  • News Making (Creating step-by-step news reporting videos - commercial but great!)
  • ComicLife (BEST commercial software graphic novels for MAC / PC/ iPad)
  • Pixton (online comic making)
  • (online comic maker)
  • WeVideo (Bernajean's FAV online video-editing)
  • JayCut (online video-editing)
  • Web-Made by Mozilla (online video-editing)
  • Animoto ~ (online HollyWood "eye-candy" for celebrations and PSA's like booktrailers - free educator account for six months)
  • Splice APP (Bernajean's FAV video editing)
  • NotaLand ~ (FAB collaborative interactive multi-media scrapbook)
  • Vuvox ~ (interactive slideshows/presentations with photos, videos and music)
  • Ahead (interactive multimedia slide shows - media walls and portfolio sites)
  • PhotoStory (PC - Free)
  • Prezi (interactive "zoomable" cloud-based slide show connecting ideas for presentations)
  • Present.Me [video capture of presenter AND slides)
  • DoodleCast APP (Talk-Aloud Videos while drawing or explaining or storytelling)
  • ShowMe APP (Talk-Aloud Vidoes while drawing or explaining or storytelling)
  • ExplainEveryThing APP (Talk-Aloud Videos while drawing or explaining or storytelling)
  • PhotoPeach (slide show)
  • Zooburst (Building / Printing 3D Books)
  • Little Bird Tales (media making stories for little ones)
  • StoryTron ~ (interactive storytelling and gaming with storymaking)
  • NeverEnding Stories (Choose Your Own Adventures)
  • GoAnimate4Schools ~ (state of art animation tools PLUS lessons and sharing gallery)
  • Xtranormal (text to video tool - great for constructing animated dialogues)
  • Myths and Legends Creator ~ (animated storycreator w/ sounds and voice recordings - also sharing gallery)
  • Pinky Dinky Doo (podcasting and other activities by kids for kids)


  • VoiceThread (web-based posting of student work, still or video postings + with voice, video or text feedback options)
  • FakeBook ~ create profiles of fictional characters to friend, role playing discussions, questions, or problem-solving AS IF
  • Weebly (website building - for teachers and student created content)
  • Wix ~ (FAB easy template driven website building)
  • ~ (FAST web-site building)
  • (FAB site - lets you make, self-publish, print & sell print-on-demand books, eBooks, photo books & calendars.)
  • StudentPublishing ~ (free storybook and student publishing for schools)
  • Creative Book Builder ~ (an iPad APP for building and publishing ebooks)
  • SlideShare ~ (publishing slideshows/presentations plus a sharing gallery)
  • KidBlog ~ great for dramatic docu-drama blogs making history and events come alive AS IF you were really there (visually pleasing and web-based made for students and classsrooms)

|| Kid Vid - A site to give you tips on preparing your video script as well as continuing the video making process.
Interactive Storyboard Exercise - Visit this site to practice writing script to various pictures. After completing this exercise, you will see the importance of planning what you shoot before getting it on film.
Acting With A Pencil - This site explains the importance of storyboarding and provides some tips on creating your storyboard
Storyboard Artist - Visit this site to see professional examples of storyboarding and get tips on how to improve your drawings.
Story Planning - This site explains the importance of the pre-production or planning stage. It also gives you tips on how to make the most of your video.
Videomaker Magazine Storyboard -Visit this site to see an example of what a storyboard should look like.

Use the resources below to see examples of student produced iMovie videos:
Island Movie - See award winning videos produced by elementary, middle, and high school student in Hawaii. These videos provide great examples and follow the 2 minute criteria.(You need to download the newest version of Quicktime to view these videos from home).
iMovie Examples - Visit this site to see more examples of videos created by students.
AnimAction - See examples of videos made by students using only drawings/cartoons. You can see how drawing can send a powerful message.
iLife - This site provides student produced movie examples from different subject areas. The science gallery has some great videos to see.

Media Resources

Rich media is the key to a good digital story. The resources below will help students find what they need.
  • Wikimedia Commons – a wiki database of Creative Commons or Public Domain images.
  • Flickr – a photo and video sharing site where most works are licensed under Creative Commons. The Advanced Search allows students to search only for Creative Commons licensed media.
  • FlickrStorm – another way to search through Flickr that provides even more results. There is an option to search for only images that have been licensed for reuse.
  • Jamendo – a music sharing site of all legal to use songs.
  • Google Advanced Image Search – setting the usage rights shows images that are labeled with a Creative Commons license
  • Library of Congress – an online catalog of thousands of prints and photos currently archived at the LOC. Most of the resources can be published without having to seek permission, and they provide terrific digital artifacts for historical stories.
  • National Archives – billions of images, videos, and digital documents can be found and integrated into projects.
**1- ZimmerTwins**

It is all about creative storytelling. ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones.

**2- Digital Story Telling in The Classroom**

This section provides resources and materials for teachers to use with their students in storytelling. It helps students personalize their learning and perfom better. Students can use these materails to create a movie or interactive slideshow to tell their stories.

**3- Story Bird**

This is an awesome website that allows students and teachers to create short art inspired stories to read, share or print out.

**4- Someries**

Someries is a fantastic storytelling site . It has a continuous flow of new stories, read aloud by kids . The stories are all made by kids and for kids, learners of English can benefit a lot from this site too . Some of the videos in Someries are subtitled so that kids can both read and listen to what they read .

**5- PicLits**

This is another awesome website where students can choose a picture and start drawing or writing a text on it to create a story.

**6- Generator**

This is a creative studio space where students explore the moving image and create their own digital stories to share with others.

**7- Capzles**

This is where you and your students can create rich multimedia stories with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents. It is really awesome.

**8- Slidestory**

This is a free digital story telling tool that students can use to combine sharing pictures and narration to create awesome presentations and stories to share with others.

**9- Domo Animate**

This is one of the best tools online for digital story telling. It allows students to create animated stories and provides them with a wide variety of background and characters to use.

**10- Animoto**

This is also a very popular tool but its paid versions offer much more than its free basic plan that only allows for creating 30 second videos. These videos can combine images, songs, and text.

**11- Smilebox**

This is a great website that provides hundreds of customizable designs for students and teachers to create their own stories that can comprise photos, videos, words and music.

**12- Make Belief Comix**

As its name suggests, this tool allows users to create stories out of comic strips and share them with others The process is very easy to use and above all student friendly

**13- Creaza**

Creaza has a nice tool called Cartoonist where students can create their own stories using cartoonic characters. Watch the video in there to learn how to use it.

**14- Pixton**

This is a tool that lets users create stories out of cartoons and provided characters. It is so much fun and students will definitely love it.

15- Voice Thread

This is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows users to navigate slides and create their own stories.

16- Comic master

This is a great website that allows users to create graphic novels and stories to share with others. It provides everything from templates to sharing tools, you just put in your ideas and creativity.

**17- Picture Book Maker**

As its name suggests, this tools lets you create your very own children's book using a set of beautiful templates and pages.

**18- Bubblr**

This is a tool to help you create comic strips using photos from Just search for the pictures you want and then add your bubbles.

19**- Pinball**

This is another great website for students and teachers to create digital stories. It has a set of tools to fire out ideas, mix them, and make quick decisions.

20**- Mapskip**

This website features several stories based on locations on Google map. The purpose is to create a weave of stories about the places in our lives. Users can join in for free and start marking up places in Google Maps with their own stories and photos. They can also browse each others' stories and can rate and discuss them.

**21- ZooBurst**